Our goal is to lead the effort to continuously improve our viewers quality of life with cultural, health, entertainment, legal and fun information that will improve thier stay and quality of life while in Costa Rica


YOur Mission

Join us in making this the Guanacaste tv show.  Give us your ideas, opinions and suggestions to make this our home the wonderful place it is meant to be.  Participate with the community, support our local artists and small businesses.

The Pura Vida lifestyle is borderline magic. it translates to Pure Life, but it really means: “it´s as good as it gets”
— Sheylla Schulte - Former Consul General for Costa Rica in Atlanta

What to expect

  • El Quejón - A segment where people in the community express what what they lke or don´t like about what´s happening in their commnity 
  • Preguntitas - Join Parvati in asking around interesting questions about very intricate Costa Rican idiosincracies
  • Que pasa en Pura Vida towns?  the entertainment, the food, the lifestyle.
  • Health Innovations - Doctors of many specialties proving Costa Rica has that special magic to keep you healthy with the variety of foods and integrity of our eco-systems 
  • Real Estate - wether you want to vacation or have decided to live here, we show you all the options there are to make your stay the best ever when it comes to your shack