On Saturday November 29th, the communities of Playa Hermosa, Coco, Ocotal, Cacique, Canales, San Martin and others gathered with the members of the Police departmen of both sardinal and Playas del Coco as well as Liutenant Bernie Masis to discuss to abrupt increase of robberies that have started in the past weeks. 

It was clearly determined the thieves are identified but our laws make it difficult to be succesful in the aprehention and detention of these individuals.

It is importatn to understand that because our delegacion does not have the power to receive claims nor process criminals, we have to file reports depending on the situation of the crime.  for example as of now, if you are robbed and you know who did it, you can go to the Delegacion Policial in Playas del Coco and file a claim that will be rushed to Carrillo´s Municipality in Filadelfia, and they in turn will follow up with the district attorneys in Filadelfia or Santa Cruz depending on the nature of the crime.

On the other hand if you do not know who it is, you will have to go to OIJ which is where the detectives are and they will open up a case number to start the investigation.  after you have done this, you will be required to stop by the Carrillo municipality and drop off a copy of the report (denuncia) so he can give it the proper follow up.

In summary we were all in agreement that our town is a small one with a huge drug issue that can only be resolved with volunteers willing to work to develop cultural and educational programs for the youngsters in our town.